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Former TV production manager transitions from the Big Apple to much smaller neck of the woods

Three months ago, Brooklyn-born Zoe Armiger, a former production manager on NBC’s flagship show “Saturday Night Live,” returned to Ajijic for her second stint of living in Mexico, following an eight-month spell here in 2015.

pg24a“If you’re an older, single woman and not part of the upper class, New York City is not the place to be,” she says. “The cost of housing has become impossibly high.”

After 28 years of marriage and living solo in such places as Morocco, Greece and Yugoslavia, Armiger was ready to give Mexico another shot. “I wanted to be part of a smaller community of artists where I could be involved in the arts, develop a support system of friends and not have to think about financial survival.”

Back in her working days, Armiger enjoyed a career that best reflected her outgoing, fast-paced, artistic personality: 15 years as a production manager for NBC TV.

Starting out as an associate producer of NBC News, she was responsible for putting together two-week specials.

“My task was to come up with nightly, five-minute segments for two week stretches,” she says. “I did it all, from researching, interviewing and bringing a reporter on site to writing and editing. I was offered an audition to be on camera but declined, realizing that I preferred being behind the scenes telling everyone what to do.”

The pinnacle of Armiger’s career was in 1976, while on the campaign trail with Jimmy Carter.

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