Last updateFri, 13 Dec 2019 12pm

Uber releases trip verification feature for added security

Last month, Uber launched a trip verification feature to avoid confusion or potential trickery against passengers.

pg7b“For Uber, security is undoubtedly one of our priorities,” said Eduardo Reyes, director of Security Communication for Uber Latin America. “Every day we help millions of people move in more than 60 countries and 600 cities around the world. Therefore, we are willing to contribute to security in the cities where we operate.”  

This is an attempt to make sure that users enter the correct vehicles by identifying license plates and driver before getting in, especially in high-frequency areas. These include airports, stadiums, event centers, bars, restaurants and streets with a lot of traffic. 

Because of the risk of criminal activity, Uber reminds users to verify that the license plates and car model are accurate. Also, be sure to confirm the name and face of the driver behind the wheel.

Moreover, Uber urges vigilance while waiting for vehicles to bypass potential criminal third parties targeting those who appear distracted. To prevent this, part of the new measure involves sending automated reminders.

Along those lines, Uber stresses the importance of matching the license plates, vehicle and driver to the platform. Although the company has advanced technology, it can’t intervene if a vehicle or person is unregistered in the system. 

“Uber’s technology can make moving from one place to another safer than ever before thanks to GPS tracking of trips, the ability to see the current route and share it through the app with third parties, and our insurance coverage, among other tools,” said Reyes. “If our users get on another vehicle, they won’t know who is behind the wheel and we won’t have that information either.”

If the information doesn’t match, then Uber reminds users to report the situation. 

An additional safety precaution is Uber’s 911 calling feature, appearing as a shield-shaped button on maps during the trip. Besides reliable GPS tracking, third party coverage and insurance, there is also 24/7 support available through the company’s call center.

Revamped protection efforts come after a slew of violent incidents, particularly in the United States. In April, University of South Carolina student Samantha Josephson mistook a Chevy Impala for her Uber ride before her murder.

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