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Hotel Matices Barrica — where you repose as if you were tequila

If you enjoy tequila, try spending a night sleeping in a giant tequila cask. Hotel Matices Barrica, located in the town of Tequila, claims to be the world’s first located within a tequila factory, inviting those who stay to explore the production of tequila (with plenty of samples) at La Cofradia distillery.

pg9aGuests can choose from 40 different “barrel rooms” that offer either king- or queen-sized beds. Each of the rooms are named after a type of tequila that is made at the distillery and include murals representing the brand they are named after.

Even some of the bathrooms in common areas are shaped like aging barrels and covered in colorful artwork.

Barrel rooms also come with rain showers, Wi-Fi, large windows, and a porch area perfect for enjoying views of the area’s agave fields, which surround the rooms. Stays include breakfast, tequila tasting and a trip to downtown Tequila until midnight. Pets are allowed.

The hotel was begun just two years ago with 18 rooms, and demand for the unique lodging has caused Tequila La Cofradia to decide to invest another 5 million pesos to construct another 20 rooms.

A restaurant and bar are also available, with dishes from the five states were Tequila may be produced: Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit, Guanajuato, and Tamaulipas.

The distillery bottles its tequila in ceramic bottles, which guests can customize on-site to take home.

You can tour the distillery, take bike tours or ride horseback into the agave fields, and enjoy lessons on how to create tequila. An on-site museum allows visitors to check out tequila’s history. See more at Tequila Cofradía y tequila-mexico.com.

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