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Coronavirus in the post-truth era

“La Verdad del Coronavirus” was the title of a video my Guadalajara doctor Whats-Apped me. “Could the Coronavirus be a Bio Attack?” another suggested. 

pg7I like to consider myself immune to conspiracy theories – especially videos with creepy music claiming to tell “the truth” (implying all you’ve heard so far are lies). But, considering the source – a good doctor who said the videos were being suppressed in the U.S. and that more, rather than less, panic was in order – I watched them.

They were not shy about naming names – the Pirbright Institute in the U.K., Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Johnson & Johnson, the Gates Foundation, the U.S. Justice Department, professors and scientists. The “Verdad” video gave coronavirus patent numbers, implying, among other things, that coronavirus is not new. 

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