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Pro-voting groups move on after US mail brouhaha

“Only 70 Days Left,” began an enthusiastic email from the U.S. Department of State received last week by citizens residing in Mexico.

pg3aLikewise, other voting groups here have been stepping up efforts to inform Americans about recommended procedures in light of worrisome publicity about possible U.S. Postal Service glitches, which seemed poised to threaten the 2020 election.

Media reports say the snafus have been resolved – “Postal Service Suspends Changes After Outcry Over Delivery Slowdown” read a New York Times headline August 18. And spokespersons for the Guadalajara Consulate’s Public Affairs Section and for Democrats Abroad in Guadalajara and at Lake Chapala note that they are moving full steam ahead with help and detailed recommendations.

For any voter who has still not done the recommended annual registration/ballot request (at fvap.gov, VoteFromAbroad.org or mx.usembassy.gov), the appropriate time is immediately if not sooner, voting helpers say. 

And once a voter receives the ballot (usually by email), they urge continued prompt action. 

“The second you get your ballot, don’t linger. Vote it and send it back,” said Jude Wallesen, chair of Democrats Abroad Guadalajara’s get-out-the-vote group.

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