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Letters To The Editor - February, 25 2017

Dear Sir,

Just about everyone can rail against bank service charges, but this one goes over the top.

At Banamex ATMs it is now possible to get only 6,000 pesos at a time using a foreign debit card. That limit used to be 10,000 pesos. As they charge the same fee for 6,000 as they used to for 10,000, it amounts to a 67-percent increase – outrageous!

What is more, one now has to go to the bank nearly twice as often for cash, so for those living far from a branch this is a real inconvenience. Some other banks do have higher limits, but in smaller communities Banamex can be the only option. If they decided to lower the limit for some security concern, then why did they not similarly lower the service charge?

Banamex should provide some logical explanation for the change. Failing that, they should reinstate the 10,000-peso limit for withdrawals.

If you feel strongly about this, send a message to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. They really do “want to hear from you.”

Bruce Campbell, Melaque, Jalisco

Dear Sir,

Re: “City shelter ready for Mexican deportees.”

I thought the article on page two of the February 18-24 issue of the Reporter was very revealing.

The article spoke of preparing a shelter in Guadalajara for a possible influx of deportees from the United States.   However, the last paragraph was what caught my attention.  It said, “FM4 attends to around 500, mostly Central American migrants each month.  They are given food, cleaning utensils and a bed until they are ready to continue on their journey north.”  Note the key words: “on their journey north.”

The illegal migrants are heading to the United States and Mexico is helping them get there.

Why is Mexico not enforcing its southern border?  Good question.

Mexico says it wants respect.  Respect comes with cooperation.  Begin by respecting all borders, yours and ours.

Irene McKinley, 

U.S. citizen and legal resident of Mexico