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Letters To The Editor - March 18, 2017

Dear Sir,

The officials that oversee the Ajijic Malecon seem content to allow the destruction and piece-by-piece dismantling of the exercise park. 

Ajijic is fortunate to have one of the best malecons on the northern shore of Lake Chapala. And likewise, an extremely nice exercise park that was used by both local citizens and expats alike. 

What remains of this facility should be an embarrassment to Ajijic. Rather, it just continues to slip further and further into a skeleton state of what it once represented, with no sign that the town’s officials intend to make the necessary repairs. 

I am sure the list of priorities that need addressing in this community is lengthy, not the least of which are the unsafe streets on which people are being killed because of totally out-of-control drivers.  Very sad.

Robert Butler  

Dear Sir, 

Ed Tasca’s article “Leafer Madness” in last week’s edition managed to make me laugh out loud at one of man’s most inane and bothersome inventions: the leaf blower.  Although I wish they could all be done with, I doubt they will disappear from here anytime soon.

So the next time one revs up near me I will simply put on some Led Zep and imagine those flying squirrels and fleeing zombies.

Thanks Ed for your fun and funny perspectives.

Joanne Stuart, Ajijic