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Letters to the Editor – April 7, 2017

Dear Sir,

After reading one of your headline articles on page 1 of the April 1-7 Reporter, I can remain silent no longer. (Jalisco governor rips Trump for climate executive order ‘stupidity’.)

The global warming/climate change alarmists have held sway for too long. Luckily for us all, every day there are more real scientists (not ones whose funding comes from governments and pseudo scientific groups) appearing to refute the global climate change hoax.

The  Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) computer models have been soundly refuted by real time observations. A computer model is only as good as the data fed to it. This data has, for too long, been seriously flawed. Nonsense in – nonsense out.

Global temperatures have not risen as predicted by IPCC and others, but actually fallen slightly in the last 15 years. That is why the alarmists had to change their crusade from “global warming”  to “climate change,” an equally ludicrous slogan. There  has been climate change since the earth was formed hundreds of millions of years ago. Are they just now discovering it?

Everything about CO2 is good. It is vital to life and contributes directly to plant life, crops, wildlife, human health and economic growth. CO2 makes up about  0.038 percent of the atmosphere. A lot of good things can be attributed to it, but not global warming which has increased by 0.8 percent in the last 100 years. I would call that a pretty stable climate.

There is a very close correlation indeed, between global temperatures and the sun’s solar radiation in history. More sunspot activity, more warming of the earth’s surface. Perhaps the zealots should tax the sun? It has been proven without doubt that throughout history the earth warms first and CO2 increases much later. CO2 is an effect of global warming and not a cause. 

In recent years there has been an increase in the greening of the earth by about 10% to 13% due to increased CO2. That is a good thing. Global warming no, global greening yes.

What about those poor polar bears? Fifteen to 20 years ago, their population was around 6,000. Today it is over 25,000. Satellite photos show that the amount of Arctic sea ice varies greatly and is not significantly less, while ice coverage in the Antarctic is much greater.

I could go on and on, but I urge you to do your own research by not looking at the alarmist propaganda, but by searching out true scientific data. A good place to start might be: The Rebel.media, a Canadian right-wing online political and social commentary media platform. There, you will find a great many videos from true scientists from all over the planet.  If you stop hurling insults at everyone who does not buy your flawed rhetoric, you may get a more accurate picture of global climate science. The 97 percent figure you have been tossing around for years is just patently false but then when did truth come into your picture?

Mr. Trump, bless him, is spot on in canceling the billions allocated to alarmist groups by his predecessor. With the money he saves, I suspect he may build a couple of new, modern, safe nuclear rectors. That is where China, India, Russia, Japan and now he United States, are going. Good for you, Mr. Trump, and a pox on our carbon taxing, boy prime minister in Canada.

In the meantime, it is exceedingly immoral for the alarmists to deny the third world poor the advantages of cheap fossil fuels in some vain and unrealistic hope that “green energy” will suffice. It cannot and will not. In the meantime these zealots eagerly partake of the advantages, like electricity, that fossil fuels provide. What a hypocritical bunch they are!

R.G. Hudson