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Letters To The Editor - April 22, 2017

Dear Sir,

Regarding the letter in last week’s Reporter about the “hoax” of global warming:

One can certainly pick other studies and other hypotheses regarding our ever (over millions of years) changing climate.

To do this one would have to ignore actual facts such as glaciers in retreat, shrinking ice sheets, and every year being on average warmer than the year before.

Apart from these concrete examples, perhaps Mr. Hudson could illuminate us as to why the oceans are also acidifying very fast.

These observable facts have nothing to do with modeling data for long-term climate models, which can indeed be inaccurate so far out in time.

As the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases, oceans absorb that carbon dioxide, which turns into an acid.

Where does this excess carbon come from? Not from volcanoes, as it was in the distant past some millions of years ago.

The only way in today’s world is through the burning of fossil fuels, which creates carbon and which gets soaked up by the oceans.

Maybe the oceans are not acidifying at all and it is all a big hoax by the largest percentage of scientists all over the world to get more funding.

Yes that makes much more sense. Much more logical. Now I can sleep at night knowing I was simply being swindled by highly paid scientists.

Allan Stephenson