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Letters To The Editor - April 29, 2017

Dear Sir,

Regarding the article, “Expats must safeguard visa status when leaving Mexico (April 22, 2017), could someone explain this to me please? 

I hate to sound so dumb, but are you really telling me that I can jump through all the necessary hoops, pay my money, get my card, and have it for many years, and some customs official at the airport can accidentally check the wrong box and reverse all that? And I’m basically screwed?

How is this possible! What am I not getting here? A “seemingly minor clerical error”?  WTFajita ... and it’s totally my responsibility to argue with the official because I detached “the lower portion of the form”? Have you ever tried arguing with an airport official?  It doesn’t work!

I love Mexico.  I’ve been here for 13 years, but its bureaucracy continues to boggle my mind. I am going on a trip in November and I am so not looking forward to this extra stress in flying. Flying has become stressful enough. 

Karen McConnaughey