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Letters To The Editor - May 6, 2017

Dear Sir,

I have driven to the U.S. border numerous times and the worst piece of road during the whole trip is the highway from Chapala to the Ocotlan intersection.

It is almost beyond belief how potholes on this road are “patched.” 

I have watched potholes being repaired in Texas. The first thing is to clean out the hole before tar is painted inside the hole. Asphalt then gets put in the hole and a flat rake in the shape of a “T” is used to smooth the asphalt, before a flat-plate vibrating compactor is used to compact the asphalt.

On the Chapala highway we have canyons and mountains and drivers have to swerve all over the place to find a decent piece of road to drive on. I wish there was a method to see how many near misses there have been.

Chapala is a tourist town and the condition of the roads might deter people from coming here.

R. Segelken

Dear Sir, 

Jose Antonio Jimenez, director of the board of directors for Health Outreach for Women (HOW), would like to wish Silvia Flores “bon voyage” from the Maternal Health Bus, which she has so diligently served since its conception, and good luck in her venture of sex education for the young people of Lakeside through her Cedejo Clinic.

The Tepehua Centro Comunitario board of directors would also like to thank Silvia for services rendered at the Tepehua Maternal Health Clinic. Her work at Lakeside for women is renowned, and we wish her well.

Moonyeen King, president of the Tepehua board