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Letters To The Editor - May 20, 2017

Dear Sir, 

An article appeared in the Reporter’s April 22-28 edition discussing a situation that can occur when Mexican Immigration cards are lost or stolen.

It went on to correctly state that Permanente or Temporal foreigners who try to re-enter Mexico without their cards can lose their visa status.  If a traveler shows up at a border crossing point or airport without his or her previously issued and valid Immigration Card, the customs agents are obliged to provide a Visitor Visa that replaces this with the Permanente or Temporal one.  According to Immigration Law, a traveler’s new status as a tourist will replace the one held previously.

If a traveler has mislaid their card while out of Mexico, they must report the fact at the nearest Mexican consulate or embassy and obtain a new visa before returning here. 

If upon entry to Mexico, a traveler discovers their Immigration card to have gone missing en route, they must report the loss immediately to the Immigration agent. Unfortunately, even with a copy of the original card, the agent would still provide a Visitor Visa upon entry.   

All travelers should make sure they have their Immigration cards with them before boarding a plane or trying to cross back to Mexico by car. If a traveler mislays their Permanente or Temporal card, the prudent thing to do is wait and undergo the replacement process at their local consulate before attempting to cross back into Mexico.

Unfortunately, rumors about immigration matters have a propensity to grow, and it appears that ensuing discussions about international travel led to the erroneous rumor that Mexico is no longer issuing Permanentes or Temporales.   Let me clarify that this is completely false. On Wednesday of this week I was at the Immigration main office in Guadalajara and met with Immigration Under-Deputy of the State of Jalisco Gustavo González. He confirmed that Immigration cards are being processed the same as always, and that cards are being properly issued. Do not become alarmed by rumors. If you are confused by what you hear on the street, give your immigration lawyer a call, or pay a visit to the immigration office nearest to you. 

Also know that unless a serious crime has been committed by the traveler, there is no indication that one’s Permanente or Temporal can be cancelled upon entry to Mexico. The card holder is required to present their card to the Immigration agent along with a valid passport when leaving or entering Mexico.  The agent will enter the traveler into the computer database, and return the card to the owner at that moment.

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