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Letters To The Editor - May 27, 2017

Dear Sir,

In ‘Modern Buddhism’ sessions in English offered at Amsoc (Reporter, May 20, 2017).  

As someone involved with Buddhist study and practice for over 40 years I feel compelled to sound a note of caution about the uncritical reporting in this article. The New Kadampa Buddhist movement is regarded by the mainstream Tibetan Buddhist tradition – including the Dalai Lama – as a quite dangerous cult. This isn’t to say they don’t offer some worthwhile teachings, but rather to encourage those with an interest in Buddhist practice to do a bit of research (the Wikipedia entry on the Kadampas and perhaps the “Kadampas Survivors” Yahoo group might be good places to start). 

Casa Tibet in Guadalajara is an established and highly-regarded center that regularly brings in authentic Tibetan Buddhist teachers for those with interest in the tradition. 

Kevin Knox