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Letters To The Editor - September 16, 2017

Dear Sir,

Your article regarding Trump’s DACA repeal was extremely misleading.

If fact, what Trump did was the best thing possible for the “Dreamers.” Had he not done that, there were ten states that were going to file suit beginning last Wednesday to have DACA declared unconstitutional.  Had that happened, then the program would have been subject to immediate termination and in that event, all the “Dreamers” would have immediately lost their “legal” status. As it is, there is now a six-month wind down under Trump’s ruling that will still allow those whose waivers are expiring to apply for two- year renewals that will be granted and honored. Meanwhile, it is up to Congress to pass legislation (which Trump will sign) to make the program legal.

By usurping his authority and illegally making law under the guise of executive decree, Obama set the stage for this mess. If you have any question about that, just look up what happened with DAPA. It was a similar program that applied to the parents of anchor babies. It was challenged and an injunction was issued by the courts blocking the program. Ultimately, the injunction was affirmed by the courts – i.e. Obama didn’t have the authority to do what he did.

Mike McSweeney