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Letters To The Editor - October 21, 2017

Dear Sir,

Congratulations on your article regarding use of golf carts on public roads and parking for the disabled. This was long overdue.

Regarding the golf carts it failed to mention that a large percentage don´t have:

- Seat belts

- Turning indicator

- Brake lights

- Insurance

Or a road savvy driver.

Not only that they drive the wrong way up the service roads, particularly outside Superlake, making it difficult for others in their cars to park.

Regarding the disabled stickers. My wife asked her doctor how to get one, and he told her to go to the Transito police and they would issue the appropriate sign for the car.

However, the girl in the Transito office in Chapala said we had to go to “Ijas” in Guadalajara.  That was it, no further discussion.

Nosmo King

Obtaining an official disabled parking sticker (calcomania) is a process that to the best of our knowledge can only be carried out in Guadalajara.  The place to do this is the Jalisco headquarters of the social welfare institution, the Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF or Family Development Agency in English).  The service is also available at the municipal offices of DIF Guadalajara and DIF Zapopan for metro-area residents.

To qualify for a disabled parking sticker, the applicant will first need to obtain a disabled “credential” from the DIF. This requires a “certificado de discapacidad” (certificate of disability) signed by a doctor from either the IMSS, ISSSTE, Salubridad, Cruz Verde, Cruz Roja or the DIF.  To obtain the disabled sticker, this credential must be submitted along with a driving license and various papers pertinent to the applicant’s vehicle.

These procedures can be carried out at DIF Jalisco, Avenida Alcalde 1831 in Guadalajara. We recommend calling first at (33) 3030-4770 (also endings 71, 72, 73, 74), extension 223, to ask for precise information and documentation requisites, and, possibly, to make an appointment. Non-Spanish speakers are advised to find a Spanish-speaking friend to make the call.