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Letters To The Editor - July 06, 2019

Dear Sir,

The mayor of Jocotepec, José Miguel Gómez López, is installing topes (speed bumps) like he was sprinkling ferry dust.

These are the very aggressive, round metal topes that force you to stop and creep over them. The first to be installed was at the Pemex gas station, just before San Juan. Less than two weeks later, a second row of topes, in the same location,  with approximately two feet of separation, were installed.

And in Jocotepec itself, this administration is saturating the city with these same, round metal topes. 

Meanwhile, motor vehicle traffic in Jocotepec is out of control. 

Up to five people on a scooter is not an unusual sight. At certain times of the day, especially at school time, the streets are flooded with these multi-passenger scooters, that come at you from all directions, totally ignoring any basic rules that apply to motor vehicle traffic. 

Absolutely nothing that the administration is doing in Jocotepec is making it safer to drive. Even the addition of newly installed stop signs, and posted speed limit warnings in bold yellow paint on the Carretera, are not having any effect at all on the behavior of drivers. 

This administration needs to wake up and invest its time and money on projects that benefit all drivers going to and coming from Jocotepec. The Carretera leading into Jocotepec would be a great place to start, as this is nothing but an obstacle course.

Wake up Jocotepec. 

Robert Butler