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Letters To The Editor - August 10, 2019

Dear Sir,

We were very pleased to see the important work of Juan Negrin highlighted in your article in the edition of June 29.

He was one of our first friends in Guadalajara, and he shared with us the art of the Wixarika people. He was instrumental in promoting their art, but more importantly he furnished the raw materials of yarn and beads and was a trusted member of their community. He made sure that the descriptions of the meaning of the artwork were written on the reverse by a literate person and made sure they would receive royalties when the works were resold.

Juan Negrin was named after his beloved grandfather, who was the last leader of free Spain before Franco. He died a few years ago from injuries suffered decades ago while traveling in Wixarika territory and taking a bad fall. His knowledge and kindness will always be remembered.

Nancy and Michael

Robbins, Ajijic


Dear Sir,

The hypocrisy of U.S. President Donald Trump and his Republican minions is staggering. They blame the increasing mass shootings by crazed white supremacists that target minorities on the Internet, social networks, the “fake news” media (i.e. anyone except Fox News), mental health problems, and even violent video games. What a surprise that ey did not put the blame on President Obama!

Trump went as far as “condemning racism, bigotry.” He, whose comments on immigrants, especially Mexicans, and African-American members of Congress, reek of racism and bigotry. He who smirks and looks so pleased with himself when his dead-brained followers chant “send them back” at his political rallies.

Trump has not the decency to acknowledge that his tweets may encourage the perpetrators of these latest massacres. He never accepts any responsibility for the dangerous consequences of his words and never will. He has the mentality of a six-year old. And there are still so many fools that follow him! November 2020 is not coming fast enough.

J-C Tatinclaux, Ajijic