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Letters To The Editor - November 23, 2019

Dear Sir,

I am a musician and when I was a young man of 15, I got an opportunity to go “on the road” with a show in a group that provided the midways for the annual fairs in larger cities in Western Canada.

My father told me very seriously that he would get my mother’s okay to go if I absolutely promised … no drugs.  I did that and still keep that promise to my dad to this day and I am 77 years old, still alive and playing music! Many of my friends (both musicians and not) are no longer alive because of dope (no doubt named as such in “honor” of the users!).

I have to think that for Mexico to use smaller nations such as Uruguay (3.5 million people) and Canada (37.5 million people) as references for its legislation to legalize marijuana is pure folly.  I don’t know about Uruguay but the news and newspapers in Canada are full of disaster stories about this “new business.”  Because their overhead is much lower, the black marketeers can sell “weed” for much less and more profitably than the “legal” vendors.

I am not promoting or condemning the use of drugs but if anyone believes the legalization of pot will put the pushers out of business, they are 100-percent wrong.

Francis Dryden