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Letters To The Editor - February 22, 2020

Dear Sir,

The events of Wednesday, February 11 should be a wake-up call for all expat motorists living in and around Lakeside.

Those of us who drive in the area, even occasionally, know that driving here is a high-risk endeavor.

Because of the aggressive and reckless attitude of many Mexican drivers, especially motorcyclists, you cannot have a casual attitude to driving. The totally hands-off approach by local administrations, and their refusal to enforce any moving violations, in both Chapala and Jocotepec, give a very clear signal that whatever you want to do behind the wheel of a motor vehicle is just fine, because there are no consequences.

There simply are no rules regarding the operation of a motorcycle. That is exactly what you see when you drive in this area. A driving culture that allows people to do exactly what they want to, with zero law enforcement. This is the culture that we live in. 

Robert Butler