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Letters To The Editor - March 07, 2020

Dear Sir,

Can someone please enlighten me? Why do some people go to programs at the Auditorio de la Ribera and spend most of their time using their phones to photograph the performance rather than actually watching it?

When I attended the Ixtlahuacain Ballet Folclorico program this past Sunday four individuals in the row right in front of me spent most of their time holding their phones up and photographing the performance. In addition, a woman sitting next to me had her phone most of the time, either texting, searching email, or photographing the dancers. How can people have such disregard for others who would have preferred watching the performance without this very annoying interference? All except one of those to whom I’m referring were gringo/as.

I had paid 250 pesos so that I could have a center seat to have a great view of the performances. However, because of the constant photographing holding up cell phones interfered with my vision, after intermission I moved hoping to get away from this interference, but was only able to get a seat way at the back on the far side.

I truly wish that the next time these very rude people attend a program at the Auditorio they would consider how holding up cell phones to photograph performances adversely affects others in the audience.

Joann Nash


Dear Sir,

I attended the meeting at the Auditorio de la Ribera to hear what the plans were going to be for our auditorium and ballet studio.  To say that I, and most people, were disappointed with the presentation is an understatement.

As an architect’s daughter and an artist myself, I can only say that the so-called design of this structure is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.

But more to the point, it does not serve the needs of the public, neither the foreign community nor the Mexicans.  The architects who presented (exceedingly boringly) every single detail of this proposed structure then eventually said this was only conceptual. 

So the question becomes if this is only conceptual and the design hasn’t even been approved, why is the ballet studio going to close on March 15?  This studio services the adult dancers and many classes for Mexican children and teenagers.  Why are these classes going to be canceled?  And according to their plans, this is the FIRST thing they are going to do and LATER build larger facilities. They have the order mixed up. Why not build the new facilities first and then close the older studio.

Outrageous propositions:  1.  Cafeteria.  Do we not have enough restaurants and cafes here?  And who is going to staff this cafeteria?  2.  Library.  Where are we going to get the books, where is the money to buy them, who will select the books and will there be a librarian?  3.  The main entrance is a HUGE block of bricks with something below that can only be described as looking like a mouse hole.  And if there are hundreds of people who will use the facility, it isn’t a wide enough mouse hole. 4.  Elaborate walkways that aren’t needed and open spaces to read ... to read what?  Am I going to bring a book to read it there instead of in my own garden?  5.  Bookstore.  What kind of books will they sell?  Who will select them?  Why a bookstore anyway?  And why a bookstore and a library?

Another plan poorly conceived and one that will be impossible to execute.

Jill Flyer