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Letters To The Editor - March 28, 2020

Dear Sir,

In regards to Perry King’s letter about the Chapala/Ajijic Carretera Cycle Path.

Mr. King complains of the “blunder blocks” and the problems associated with them, i.e. “Irregular shape, loss of parking, to low for drivers to see, blocking access to established businesses, potential problems removing broken down vehicles.”

First of all, the blocks seem like an attempt to create more of an aesthetic than the previous cement blocks used to create a safe space for cyclists and pedestrians. Like them or not, they are certainly more interesting than the old ones.

They create a safer space to ride or walk on as there are not as many entry points as there were with the old path.  Getting to businesses by car is simply a matter of turning in and using the frontage path to drive to the business you want, much like before but with less entry points, making the path much safer for its users.

Regarding the claim that “each block will eliminate one potential parking space,” one aim of the new path might be to have a safe alternative to cars. Perhaps this will encourage people to use this path and not feel the need to get in the car every time they head out somewhere.

Car traffic has become more of a problem in the four years I have been here and seems to get worse each year.

There is also an excellent bus system that runs very frequently up and down the Carretera, and taxis and Ubers that can take folks as well.

As for the claim that the blocks are too low to see, if you are looking ahead of where you are driving they are completely visible. Generally, most drivers are using what they see ahead as an indication of where to pull off, not what is right next to them. And someone who can’t see over the steering wheel might need a booster seat.  A low wire fence would soon be destroyed by buses and trucks like the plastic posts in town were.

There are certainly areas where they could have left a couple more feet of road space and less in the bike lane.

So to quote Mr King, do “drive carefully.” And please avoid bikers and walkers. Also, consider a bicycle or a good pair of walking shoes as an alternative.

John Kielas, American/Mexican Society of bikers,

walkers and very

occasional drivers