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Letters To The Editor - May 30, 2020

Dear Sir,

I would like information on which of various foundations, services, etc, you might recommend for donations for personal protective equipment, food, etc., where the maximum amount possible goes to the intended recipient(s), especially non-profits, especially in Guadalajara. 

Mary Bahmer

Since starting its operation in early April, the “Jalisco Without Hunger” (Jalisco Sin Hambre) program has distributed 420,000 prepared meals for homeless people in Guadalajara and elsewhere in the state, as well as 31,400 despensas (food parcels) to needy families. This is a private initiative that is supported by volunteers from the state government and the Family Development Agency (DIF), which is providing its considerable  infrastructure to help deliver the items. Donations to the program are channelled entirely through non-profits, including the Catholic Caritas charity, which is staffed by volunteers. The initiative is also being supported by the Fundación Checo Pérez (founded by the Guadalajara-born Formula One racing driver) and other NGOs. Financial donations can be made via deposit or bank transfer through the following accounts: BBVA 0197877838 CLABE 012320001978778380 in the name of Corporativo de Fundaciones A.C.  BBVA 0480228222 CLABE 012320004802282224 in the name of Cáritas de Guadalajara A.C.

For those who would prefer to donate products rather than money, DIF Jalisco is receiving food staples and hygiene and cleaning items at its facilities at Avenida Alcalde 1220, Colonia Miraflores (opposite the Glorieta de la Normal) in Guadalajara.


Dear Sir,

In the early 1990s, I was the finance editor of the Mexico City News, the country’s English-language daily newspaper at the time, when the government decided to auction off the two TV channels it owned. I sent one of my reporters to cover the announcement of the winning bidder. The several finalists were all gathered in the room, each wearing a three-piece suit with their hair slicked back to show how serious they were – all except one guy who was wearing a crewneck sweater and sporting a ponytail. That was Roberto Salinas Pliego, the scion of the Electra appliances chain and the surprise winner of the auction. I see from his photo on page 5 of the Guadalajara Reporter’s May 9-15 edition that he now looks like all the other bidders in the room that day.

Carmelo Lodise,

Barra de Navidad