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Letters To The Editor - September 05, 2020

Dear Sir,

This is in response to Maryla Kolpowska’s letter in last week’s edition, in which she presumes that all foreigners have as much money and resources as she does.

There are many, like me, who are struggling with inadequate income, no reserves or pathetically small ones,  and with no way under Covid of earning money without putting ourselves at risk.  So, let’s review, item by item, what you have said.

You live in a big expensive villa-type house (as you know I have seen it).  I do not.  I rent, and it is nothing near as big and fancy as yours and if I don’t pay the rent I can be kicked out.

You have more than adequate pensions and Social Security.  I have a meager Social Security, barely enough to live on and out of that I have to pay rent as well as food, doctors, dentists, gas, electric, etcetera.  People who have houses also have equity, but also can more easily live on Social Security if they don’t have to pay rent (which keeps escalating each year).

You say everyone has large pantries and big fridges with, as you say, enough to live on to last a long time.  I do not.

And when I had my pet, no, I did not have enough food for her for months.

No I do not, as you, have enough money to order food from restaurants, let alone expensive ones.

Furthermore, I have been here for 17 years full time, and hold permanente immigration status, which allows all the privileges of citizenship except for voting. And I have immersed myself in the Mexican life and culture.

I have worked all this time.  Among other endeavors to make money,  I have owned a gallery, taught photography and held workshops at the Ajijic and Chapala cultural centers. I have taught French to foreigners and Mexicans.  I work in real estate for a Mexican corporation (where I am the only foreigner) and have both foreign and Mexican clients.

I speak Spanish.  My friends are both Mexican and foreigners.

So, I do not consider myself a guest here. And anyone, guest or not, tourist or resident, worker or retiree, should have an expectation of safety in a time of a global pandemic.

Jill Flyer


Dear Sir,

After reading last week’s letter from J.S. Smith, he sounds like the gentleman I wanted to punch when he was trying to enter the ATM booth at Mutiva without a mask.

I would not let him in without a mask, and I held the door shut. In the U.S. we call these people Karen. When I tried to take his picture through the door he left.

All I can say, whether the Covid numbers are high or low, the State of Jalisco has a mask mandate. If J.S. Smith does not like the mandate, he can return to a state in the United States that does not require people to be compassionate to others for everyone’s health.  Georgia, Iowa or South Dakota would be a good start.

Michael Rosenblum