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Letter To The Editor - January 09, 2021

Dear Sir,

In your January 2-8 report on Covid-19 vaccinations in Mexico, it isn’t clear if everyone is required to take the vaccination. Do health workers lose their position if they refuse to be inoculated? And why were children not mentioned?

Also, why is Mexico supporting a Chinese company selling millions of doses of a vaccine? They are responsible for this killer virus and should pay the rest of the world for their irresponsibility.

John Eynon

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has stressed that Covid-19 vaccinations are voluntary for all citizens and residents of Mexico. That includes health workers. On December 10, 2020, Deputy Health Minister Hugo Lopez-Gatell said there were no plans to vaccinate children and adolescents under the age of 16, since vaccine trials have yet to determine whether they are safe for this segment of the population. He also noted that they were in the lowest risk category group.