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Letters To The Editor - October 23, 2021

Dear Sir,

Re: Ed Tasca’s column (October 16-22, 2021) “Is your nation in a funk?” and “Casa del Sol Inn: A Refreshing new recipe for the traditional brunch.”

Similar words have entirely different meanings. In Ed Tasca’s story, he says “Also, Aztec teachers propounded a Spartan regime of education …” A “regime” is a realm, a kingdom, a term of office. The proper word here is “regimen,” which indicates a routine, an orderly pattern. In the Casa del Sol brunch review, the author tells us about, “A hardy stack of corn pancakes …” and mentions that, “The pancakes are generous, hardy and satisfying …” The adjective “hardy” implies that the pancakes can stand a great deal of pounding. The proper word needed here is “hearty” which describes the tasty, tummy-filling nature of the pancakes.

Judy Chambers, Ajijic