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Letter To The Editor - October 30, 2021

Dear Sir,

Re: Police accident at the Walmart intersection (GR, October 23-29).

For sure this will not be the last accident caused by that disastrously bad redesign of the roadways and traffic lights in front of Ajijic Walmart.  That mess deserves a quick trip to the trash can and the people responsible should be sent back to engineering school for remedial training.

As a civil engineer I can assure you this debacle would never have made it off the drawing boards anywhere but here.  It would be a humorous display of design incompetence if it did not cause so many problems, delays and hazards for the residents and the police of our area.

Now, those on the bike path must run a gauntlet of two dangerous crossings instead of one.  The intersection in front of Autozone forces cars to enter at an angle which makes it virtually impossible to see pedestrians, cyclists  and oncoming traffic over their left shoulder.  Compounding things, people don’t know whether there is one lane or two.

Despite the fact that the majority of the local population that would patronize the Walmart lives east of it, those coming from that direction have no safe way to turn left into the Walmart parking lot.  Those trying to do so snarl the traffic even more than those ill-timed and redundant traffic lights.

This thing has jammed up traffic so bad on the  Carretera that backups all the way to Mirasol and back to Ajijic are now the norm.

I call on the new presidente municipal to insist the Jalisco government take responsibility for this fatally flawed mess and redo it as soon as possible.  It is only a matter of time before someone is killed there.

   Daniel H. Houck, Ajijic