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Letters To The Editor - May 07, 2022

Dear Sir,

Jocotepec is a “whatever you want to do” kind of a town. Especially when it comes to vehicles and motorcycles.

For whatever reason, there is a standing arrangement that prohibits the Policia Vial from policing in Jocotepec. This isn’t a Mexico in general kind of a problem, although this type of problem certainly exists in other communities. But it also doesn’t exist in many communities, because the administrations apply some degree of control to minimize these types of problems.

Not in Jocotepec. Their form of management has proved that when you want a small problem to become a big problem, then just ignore it, and let it grow into an unmanageable, giant-sized headache.

Scooters and motorcycles rule the streets in Jocotepec. For these operators, there are no rules. And no rules are applied. When children are transporting children, when as many as five, or more, infants are being transported on a scooter, then the system is truly broken.

The current administration simply doesn’t care about the lives of the people that are being jeopardized by both the operators and the people being transported on these motos, as well as the general public driving through Jocotepec.

Beware when you drive in Jocotepec.

Robert Butler