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Letter To The Editor - May 13, 2023

Dear Sir,

We are never alone in Mexico. Having moved to Ajijic from the San Francisco Bay Area almost 11 years ago, I have been lucky enough to enjoy a culture filled with loving, caring people.  This was never more evident than in the past week.

I met a very special person the day I first arrived and we became best friends with shared values, interests, love of travel, creativity and mutual respect.  We had ten wonderful years together, the last four as a married couple, before he died last July.

Living alone presents many new challenges.  I just faced one of the hardest.  Last week I went into the Ajijic Hospital for hip replacement revision surgery.  My previous hip replacement, done in July 2017, had dislocated four times.  Dr. Omar Maya confirmed the fact that this would keep happening until I had the revision surgery.  He explained my condition and the details of corrective surgery but put no pressure on me to immediately schedule surgery.

I had the surgery in the first week in May and stayed in the hospital for two nights, being attended to by very caring, competent nurses and staff.

Here is where the amazing help they provided really was above and beyond!  My bank, Multiva, happened to be right next to the hospital.  Dr. Maya arranged for two hospital staff to take me to the bank, in a wheelchair, so I could withdraw the funds to pay for my surgery.  I received a discount if I paid in cash.  They waited with me during the transaction and carefully wheeled me, over the cobblestone street back to the hospital.  Knowing I lived alone, he also sent someone to the pharmacy to purchase all of the medication and dressings necessary for my home recovery!  He was available throughout via text or telephone and always responded immediately.  Can’t say that would ever happen where I came from.  Just another example of the Mexican mindset.

An ambulance was arranged by the doctor to take me home in West Ajijic and get me settled into bed.  Physical therapist scheduled visits at my home until I was mobile enough to go to her office.

This is where my housekeeper, gardener and neighbors stepped in to ensure my recovery was successful.  The attentiveness and willingness to help has re enforced what a special community we live in.  I have been cared for, better than any family member could have provided.

People are always asking about medical care and what it is like to live here.  I have tried to paint a picture of my experience living in this wonderful country.

I only wish that we could all focus on the good, learn to roll with the differences, and stop being so negative.

We live in a beautiful environment, with such rich traditions and caring people.  Let’s try to focus on the positive.

I challenge my fellow immigrants to share their positive experiences!