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Rick Perry discredits Tea Party supporters

Dear Sir,

Millions of Americans who have watched the Republican presidential candidates debate on TV have seen how inept Texas Governor Rick Perry is. That should be enough to impugn the judgment of Karen Cage, head of the Lakeside Tea Party, who boasts in the November 12-18 issue of the Reporter that she has voted for Perry ten times, but there’s much more.

Chinese proverbs aren’t going to help us

Dear Sir,

I was fascinated to learn from your profile of Tea Party president Karen Cage that “The Bible says give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him to fish and he can sustain himself.” I’m curious to know if Ms. Cage can direct me to chapter and verse for that one.

Why publicize the Tea Party?

Dear Sir,

The Guadalajara Reporter gives generous publicity to a U.S. political group, the Tea Party, whose doings we are all able to follow in the news already.  Why?

Ajijic must emulate cleaner towns

Dear Sir,

Recently, a group of people from the Lake Chapala Society were invited to spend the day in Tepatitlan, a town in Jalisco with 100,000 inhabitants. What struck me and a number of others was how clean the town was – I only saw one piece of garbage in the street the entire time we were there.

Letterman’s absolute nonsense

Dear Sir,
Word is out that the owner of Televisa dropped American Network because of that stupid commercial of David Letterman’s where he puts on a big sombrero (looking as Mexican as Bugs Bunny) and continues on about when he is in Mexico how he watches Televisa.

We owe a great big thank you

Dear Sir,

I went out this morning for my daily “dog walk” in Ajijic. As I turned onto the carreterra heading toward the park, I ran into a group of 10-15 young adults in orange CONALEP T-shirts with trash bags picking up trash.