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Clean up your own act

Dear Sir,

Rick Perry, as a presidential candidate you should stop telling other countries to clean up what you should be doing in your own country.

A joy to watch

Dear Sir,

The superb Pan American Games opening ceremony was a joy to watch.

Women going naked

Dear Sir,

I agree with Jeanne Chaussee about women going naked on Mexican TV.  But it’s not limited to television.

Understanding a different culture

Dear Sir,

After reading Ms. Philpotts’ letter in the October 8 edition of The Reporter, I just had to respond. While I’m sure she’s probably a very nice woman and thought she was doing us all a favor by complaining to the manager at Walmart, I hope the manager didn’t get the impression she was a spokesperson for all the gringos living in the area.

Acting on our concerns

Dear Sir,

A week ago I made an appointment with Miguel Aguirre Estrada, the manager of Walmart  in Ajijic, for a meeting with myself and another Texan for the next day. We arrived on  at 2 p.m. to find the manager and three assistants waiting at the front door for us.

Heroes in my eyes

Dear Sir,

This is to say “Thank You” to the police officers of Chapala – you are heroes in my eyes.

Value of peace of mind

Dear Sir,

What is your peace of mind worth?  Would you like to go to Guadalajara with severe chest pains with a taxi driver as your only companion? What do you think of having severe injuries from an auto accident and waiting for an ambulance to arrive … from Guadalajara? Or where do you go with a scorpion bite in the middle of the night?