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Letters To The Editor - June 22, 2019

Dear Sir,

I was disappointed to read former professor Michael Hogan’s so-called book review of Todd Miller’s meritorious “Empire of Borders” – it was just an anti-U.S. diatribe of Hogan’s inflammatory and unreferenced opinions dealing with other author’s works.

Letters To The Editor - June 01, 2019

Dear Sir,

As a child, did you ever skip a flat stone across a pond, and be fascinated by the ripples? Out they go, spreading far and wide, bouncing off whatever they encounter to make new ripples.

Letters To The Editor - May 11, 2019

Dear Sir,

Regarding “Noise Complaints Stack Up” (Guadalajara Reporter, May 4): Has anyone noticed the continued failure of the Chapala government to initiate similar crackdowns here on the plague of businesses and faux restaurants that mainly sell booze and loud noise?