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Samadhi Café: Haven for the beer-obsessed teutonophile

When your first opportunity to eat currywurst is inside a massive, drafty suburban shopping mall in Guadalajara, Mexico, you may find yourself meditating upon the un-predictable ways the strands of our complex human universe are interwoven. Also, reflections on the au courant issue of cultural appropriation may occur, being that this dish (an already-Frankenstein-esque German street food staple created by a Berliner housewife using local sausage, ketchup, and curry powder courtesy of British soldiers) is prepared by Mexicans in the tiny kitchen of a Mexican-owned business. 

Aldo Altamirano, born and raised in Mexico City, is the loom master responsible for drawing this sturdy filament of German culture over the Atlantic Ocean, across Mexico’s midriff to the pearl of Jalisco, where it snakes up two flights of stairs to the top floor of Centro Magno, a large shopping mall a few kilometers west of downtown. In his capacity as the owner of Samadhi Café - and of an enterprise importing and distributing quality goods from Europe - Altamirano avails his public of hard-to-find artisanal beers, many of which are highly esteemed by the world’s top beer sommeliers, or cicerones.  

Altamirano’s interest in German culture began in 1996, when he started working as a DJ for a college radio station in Mexico City.  There, he ran a program called Ex-perimento, which mainly aired modern European music: electro-pop, New Wave and the like, much of which came from Germany. He then started funneling his increasing fascination with that music through the promotion of a regular series of concerts around Mexico City, featuring bands he and his associates and fellow teutophiles flew in from Europe.  

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