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Manix: Granddaddy of eating out in Ajijic

One of the most beautiful images of the venerable Virgin of Guadalupe, serene, inspiring, modest and candle-lit, hangs against the chapel-like left wall as you enter Manix. Large but unimposing, it defines the spiritual nature of el Mexicano, from his humility to his joy of life.

Ajijic’s Los Telares: weaving Mexican style into fine dining

Easter is a time for thoughts of transformation and redemption and Los Telares, one of the most resilient of venues in Ajijic, proved the perfect Easter-dinner atmosphere. Our party of four were greeted pleasantly at the entrance, always an important touch that makes guests feel welcome and appreciated, especially on Catholicism’s grandest feast day. 

For fine dining – intimate & exclusive

Cozy and serene and surrounded with simple elegance and chic, Richard’s restaurant offers an atmosphere so intimate and comfortable, time and repartee seem to fly.

Tio Domingo’s: phoenix of Ajijic eateries

There’s a story about the restaurant Tio Domingo that goes something like this: Over ten years back, the patrons of the restaurant so loved the place that, when they heard owner Salvador could not afford to keep it open and arranged to close, they rallied together at one last Christmas Eve fiesta there. As the party ended late that night and the farewell salutes were being made, patrons coyly and secretively filled a stray, empty bucket with cash as they left, lots of cash. From that evening on, by all accounts, Salvador, filled with gratitude at the bequest, found himself unexpectedly rescued. And, in felicitous reciprocation, he has continued serving the Ajijic public to this day.

Josy’s: Diner-like simplicity, good food, good value

If a Mexicana were to open a “diner” in Ajijic, Josy’s would be it. The building construct even has the shape of what we expats know as the classic compact diner, long and rectangular. (Note: Early 20th Century food-service trucks or wagons with “walk-up” windows took prepared food to remote, rustic workplaces; later truck designs were inspired by rail cars with the same function.)

Capirotada: The sweet taste of Lent

Although the 40-day period of Lent is meant to be a time of penance and fasting, one of the guilty pleasures of the season is savoring the wonderful culinary specialties Mexican cooks whip up only at this time of year.