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Rotarians salute San Juan Cosalá’s local hero

Agustín Vázquez, proprietor of Viva México restaurant in San Juan Cosalá, is known and admired not only as a successful entrepreneur, but also a tireless Good Samaritan in his village.



This week, he joined the ranks with Mother Teresa, U.S. President Jimmy Carter, astronaut James Lovell, scientist Jonas Salk and other international luminaries, becoming a Paul Harris Fellow, the most prestigious form of recognition awarded by Rotary clubs worldwide.

The Rotary Club of Ajijic lined up Viva México as the venue for an April 10 luncheon buffet. What Vázquez didn’t know was that the purpose of the gathering was to honor him for his many years of selfless community service.

Rising up from humble beginnings in a family of ten, Vazquez worked in various trades before taking over his Aunt Lupita’s modest pozole diner more than a decade ago, building it into one of lakeside’s most popular restaurants specializing in outstanding Mexican cuisine.

By then he had already gained a reputation for supporting worthy community projects. His eminence for leadership took a quantum leap in September 2007 when he stepped up following the water spout disaster that flooded the village with mud and debris. He singlehandedly set up an improvised soup kitchen to feed free meals to displaced families and rescue workers.

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