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September 13 & 14 are important, too

There are two significant dates to note prior to the September 15/16 independence celebrations.

Wednesday, September 13 marks the anniversary of the 1847 assault on Chapultepec Castle by U.S. troops under the command of Winfield Scott and the brave defense of the nation’s capital by the six young military cadets who died in defense of their country.  According to legend, in an act of bravery, one of the cadets, Juan Escutia, wrapped the Mexican flag around his body and jumped from the top of the castle in order to keep it from falling into the enemy’s hands.

The annual ceremony in honor of the cadets takes place on this day at 10 a.m. at the Niños Heroes monument, located in the glorieta (traffic circle) at the intersection of Avenida Niños Heroes and Avenida Chapultepec in Guadalajara.

The following day, Thursday, September 14, parades and traditional equestrian events are highlighted on the Dia del Charro (Horseman’s Day). The motto of Jalisco’s Asociacion de Charros – Fatherland, Woman and Horse – exemplifies the priorities in a value system still deeply ingrained in much of Mexican society. The parade will start at the intersection of La Paz and Chapultepec and make its way to the Lienzo Charro arena by the Agua Azul Park, by way of Avenida Washington.

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