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Looking Back: A review of December news from the last 50 years


Christmas charity

Guadalajara’s winter trailer colony – people from the city’s four trailer parks – combined their resources this week to put on a party for the 400 children of the Hospicio Cabañas orphanage.

They plan to solicit cakes for 600 guests, piñatas and candy for the 400 youngsters as well as traditional buñuelos and punch.  Meanwhile, Governor Francisco Medina Ascensio and his wife called on Guadalajara residents to take a child into their home for Christmas Eve supper or on Christmas Day or New Years’ Day.


A not-so-merry Christmas

An un-Merry Christmas, un-gift to Lakesiders has been the failure of the propane gas supply. Some householders have been without gas for several weeks. With the influx of visitors and the holidays imminent, many residents were hard put to provide meals and baths for their guests. Gas Liquido in Chapala says there may not be a supply of gas for large tanks until the new year, but some small tanks are still said to be available.

There was also a water problem in Ajijic, with both pumps broken down, burnt out, not working. Grim and grimy jokes circulate as Ajijic residents grit their teeth and heat yet another kettle filled from the pool on their electric plates.

With many visitors flocking in for holidays with friends and family, it seems that all reservations in restaurants for Christmas dinner were filled up long ago. What’s left is: charcoal grilling, stewpot hanging in the fireplace or hotdog on a stick over the fireplace, electric skillets or ovens, etc.  Until the electricity goes off.  Ham sandwich anyone?


Financial doubts

Widespread apprehension, distrust and panic seemed to tag Mexico’s financial markets in early December as the nation’s economy appeared to lack direction. While the Mexican peso continued to fall against the dollar and the Bolsa de Valores (Mexican stock market) plummeted, retail prices and bank interest rates soared to dizzying new heights.

Government economists blamed the current economic woes on psychological factors, while private businessmen said that the crisis was a reflection of the widely felt lack of confidence in government programs.

Long lines formed inside Guadalajara banks November 30 after widespread rumors claimed that the federal government planned to freeze bank accounts, wages and prices. The Treasury Department denied the reports.


Historic snowfall blankets Guadalajara

A white Christmas came early the morning of December 13, when temperatures plummeted and the first snow in more than a century fell on Guadalajara. The white stuff even lightly dusted parts of the Lakeside area. Most Mexican citizens had never viewed such a sight except on television or at the movies and, accordingly, they were delighted. One German tourist joked, “I wish I had brought my skis.” Expatriates may derive comfort from the fact that the city’s last real snowfall occurred in February 1881. Many must have been relieved when the clouds opened and the sun shone again within two hours. By then the snow that had accumulated on grass, leaves and cars had long since melted.



Fourth fatal Nayarit bus crash

Eight people died and 20 were injured when a drunk driver caused a chartered bus to fall 200 meters off a cliff on the Tepic-Puerto Vallarta toll road. The accident occurred when a Ford pickup swerved into the oncoming lane and crashed head-on into the bus taking a group of neighbors back to Tepic after a beach holiday. This is the fourth fatal bush crash in the same area this year.

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