Last updateFri, 18 Jan 2019 11am

Drugs, underage sex at ‘brothel’ in upmarket Ciudad Bugambilias

Last Sunday, Zapopan law enforcement raided a section of the Ciudad Bugambilias subdivision they claim was being used as a brothel in which sex and drugs were sold to minors.

According to Zapopan mayor Pablo Lemus, the supposedly illicit events were organized via the instant message application WhatsApp; policemen managed to infiltrate their group text exchange and go undercover to the parties, after which the revelations under discussion were effected.

Four people were detained during the operation, one of whom is said to be the main “brothel” organizer.  Officials claim 25 minors were found on the premises.

“Children of 12, 13, 14 years of age at a party where crystal meth and cocaine was sold, where [the kids] were rented rooms for sex. It’s utterly scandalous,” said Lemus.

The operation was first undertaken after authorities received an anonymous complaint from a neighbor who described a scene in which minors were being held against their will, that people were seen with guns and dealing drugs.

However, statements made by two former organizers of similar events on the property, and who were present during the raid, claimed that no drugs were being sold on the premises, that there were only 80 people present, rather than the 800 the police said were in attendance, and that nobody was being held against their will.

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