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Outcry as three UdG film students abducted in broad daylight in Tonala

A citizenry still reeling from two months of bloody internecine fighting between powerful cartels has been dealt another crushing blow their morale: the abduction in Tonala of three film students, scooped up off the streets after shooting a project for the Universidad de Medios Audiovisuales (CAAV).

pg1bpg2The kidnapping Tuesday of Javier Salomon Aceves Gastelum, 25, Marco Avalos, 20, and Daniel Diaz, 20, is yet another in a string of assaults against students in Guadalajara occurring with nauseating regularity in recent years.  In particular, young academics from the University of Guadalajara – of which CAAV is a satellite –  have often seen themselves targeted by criminals, who perpetrate against this vulnerable sector of society a variety of crimes, from muggings to homicides and rapes.

The abduction occurred at 8 p.m. when six students, traveling in two separate cars, were returning from a film shoot in the Colinas de Tonala neighborhood of the eponymous municipality.  One of those not taken by the kidnappers was a cousin of abductee Javier Salomon, Alejandra, who was in the forward car shortly before the attack.

“We had been driving for about five minutes when my car overheated,” Alejandra recalled.  “Javier came up behind and parked behind us to lend a hand.”



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