Last updateFri, 29 May 2020 1pm

Hospital shootout leaves 2 dead

Two men died in a gun battle that took place outside a well-known private hospital in Colonia Chapalita December 24.

According to police reports, several gunmen entered the hospital, allegedly to target the father of grupero singer Alfredito Olivas, who was recovering after a previous attack on his life on December 13 in nearby Colonia Ciudad de los Niños. Before they reached the room, the gunmen were spotted by Olivas’ bodyguards, who gave chase on foot and later by car.

A gunfight ensued outside the hospital’s entrance involving at least five people. One of the gunmen died there, and another at the intersection of Avenida Niño Obrero and Guadalupe.

Jalisco’s Attorney General said investigations are proceeding but that the Olivas family is refusing to cooperate fully.  He said Olivas’ bodyguards had illegally gathered and absconded with important evidence, including spent rounds, weapons and vehicles belonging to the alleged aggressors.

Olivas’ father was removed from the hospital immediately after the incident. One of his bodyguards, who was injured in the shootout, was hospitalized but is not talking to authorities, and has only confirmed that he is the family’s driver.

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