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Pitbull kills burglar, hailed as hero

“Pirata,” a pitbull that allegedly mauled to death a man who authorities say was trying to burglarize an unoccupied property, has become an internet hero.   

pg4cA campaign has also started to stop the canine from being sacrificed. The animal is currently under observation in Guadalajara’s Centro de Control Animal (Animal Control Center).

According to Guadalajara municipal police, the owner of the house discovered the body of a man, aged between 25 and 30, in the patio of her property located in Colonia Balcones de Oblatos on the evening of Monday, May 27.  Forensic agents determined that the man had succumbed to severe bites to his neck and head after being attacked by Pirata as he tried to break into the house.

The owner of the property – who lived alone with the seven-year-old dog – acknowledged that one of the reasons she kept Pirata in the house was to ward off intruders but said it was a tranquil companion. She told police that she had never seen the deceased intruder previously, although some unsubstantiated reports suggest the man was known locally.

In an interview with Spanish-language daily Mural, the woman, who requested anonymity, said she had cared for the pitbull all its life. It was also good with children, she added.

Pirata will remain in observation until it is cleared for any sign of rabies. It will stay confined until the Guadalajara ministerio publico (prosecutor’s office) has concluded its investigation.

After the news broke, a spontaneous campaign emerged on social media hailing Pirata as a hero. Photos of the dog were posted, accompanied by slogans such as “Gracias Pirata” and “Everyone with Pirata.”

Guadalajara’s Animal Protection chief Juan Barragán Sánchez stressed that it was too early to make a decision on Pirata’s future and that “At no time have we thought about sacrificing (the dog).”

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