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Briefly - January 18, 2020

Weapons foroff-duty cops?

Guadalajara Mayor Ismael del Toro says he has spoken with federal legislators about changing national laws to permit off-duty police officers to carry weapons.

His request comes after a Guadalajara police officer was kidnapped January 3 while not on duty.  His wife has complained that her husband was unable to defend himself from the aggressors because he was unarmed.  Del Toro said the municipality is following the investigation closely and providing economic and moral support to the spouse of the missing officer.

Another mass grave unearthed

A mass grave discovered at the end of November in the Toluquilla suburb of Guadalajara contains 29 bodies, forensic experts revealed last week.  Only four corpses have been identified.  The grave was near a warehouse raided by police where gunmen were holding eight people hostage. Police arrested 15 suspects during and after the raid, including three minors.

Poisoning scareat day-care center

Forty infants were rushed to various hospitals after a food intoxication scare at an Instituto Mexicano de Seguro Social (IMSS) day care center in the Alcalde Barranquitas neighborhood of Guadalajara this week. According to some reports, several of the children began to be affected by dehydration and diarrhea, possibly provoked by consuming a bad batch of panela cheese during their morning meal. The children, age three to four months, were checked by emergency medics but none needed hospitalization.

Bank customer robbed of200,000 pesos

Assaults on bank customers continue to plague the Guadalajara metropolitan area, this time in the upmarket Providencia neighborhood.  Monday, two armed men riding a motorcycle chased down a car driven by a man who had just withdrawn 200,000 pesos from a nearby bank. The gunmen drew up alongside the vehicle, fired three shots into the windscreen, forcing the driver to open the door and hand over the cash.  The victim was unhurt and the perpetrators escaped with the loot.

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