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Crocodile seized in raid on Sunday flea market

Sunday, May 7, Guadalajara Animal Protection inspectors, supported by municipal police officers, secured 56 animals being illegally offered for sale at the Baratillo flea market, including one baby crocodile.

In addition to the crocodile, inspectors seized 25 Australian parrots, 11 canaries, ten dogs, five pigeons, two fighting roosters, an iguana and a chicken.

The animals were taken to the Villa Fantasía Zoo in Zapopan, where their future destinations will be determined.

The illegal sale of animals in the massive Sunday tianguis continues despite campaigns by Guadalajara authorities to stamp out the practice. The market spans dozens of streets in the northeastern sector of the Guadalajara metropolitan area, and is noteworthy for the sale of stolen goods by a few vendors.  One adage goes that if you want to find that stereo or camera that was stolen last week, head to the Baratillo market and you’ll find it somewhere.

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