Last updateTue, 19 Jun 2018 1pm

Bus burning victim prepares for transfer to Galveston, TX

The 26-year-old mother of an eight-month-old baby who died tragically in a bus fire set by cartel members Monday, May 21 is set to be transferred to the special burns unit at the Shriner’s Hospitali n Galveston, Texas.

Gasoline hits 19 pesos per liter

Magna gasoline reached a new historic price this week in the Guadalajara metro area at 19.01 pesos a liter. That is a 14-percent hike in the last five months. On January 1 Magna gas was averaging 16.68 pesos at the pump.

City sizzles as mercury rises

Not satisfied with the high temperatures of the last couple of weeks, which have been hot enough to make people’s sweat itself perspire, Guadalajara’s weather gods decided to crank up the thermostat to 38 degrees Celsius – in the shade no less.

Annual Pride parade(s) coming up in June

Guadalajara’s LGBTQ community is so full of pride that there is not one, but two yearly pride parades, scheduled one after the other in early June.

‘La Tapatia’ emerges from the darkness

The tunnel boring machine (tuneladora in Spanish) that has been excavating a four-kilometer stretch below Guadalajara’s historic center for almost two years finally finished its labor this week.

Buses torched after gunmen target former attorney general

A shocking commando-style attack by 12 gunmen outside a Guadalajara restaurant Monday failed in its attempt to assassinate Jalisco’s former attorney general, Luis Carlos Najera, but left four members of the public and three security officers injured.