Last updateFri, 14 Dec 2018 4pm

How does your waste generation match averages?

Are you below or above average in waste generation? If you have the time or inclination (and a suitable device), why not weigh the trash you throw out each day.

You can then compare it with these averages from major countries.  Do it over a week to get the daily average.

Kuwait: 5.72 kg

New Zealand: 3.68 kg

Ireland: 3.58 kg

United States: 2.58 kg

Canada: 2.33 kg

Germany: 2.11 kg

United Kingdom: 1.79 kg

Mexico: 1.24 kg

Brazil: 1.03

Cuba: 0.81 kg

Uruguay: 0.11 kg

These average daily figures are part of a global review of solid waste management carried out by the World Bank in 2013.  Projections made in this study indicate that most developed countries will lower their daily trash disposal rate by 2025, although the amounts will increase in underdeveloped nations, including most African countries.

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