Last updateFri, 07 Aug 2020 12pm

OPINION: ‘Economic shock kills people’

One constant in the kaleidoscope world of Covid-19 is that leaders are taking a lot of flack. In Mexico, a senator accuses AMLO of obsessing on his airliner raffle and whitewashing coronavirus.

His health secretary Jorge Alcocer – noticeable by his absence from press briefings – is pursued by an online “caceria de brujas” (witch hunt) demanding his removal. 

The list goes on. John Ioannidis, a Stanford professor of Biomedical Data Science and Statistics, who pioneered the field of meta-research (research on research) and is known as “the scourge of sloppy science,” recently called the coronavirus data “utterly unreliable” and said if the new virus had not been identified, we would probably see this flu season as just a bit worse than usual. A clamor on social media labelled this “crap.” Spaniards and Italians might also have cause to disagree.

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