Last updateFri, 13 Jul 2018 7am

Chapala’s Calle Zaragoza closed for repairs

Motorists beware while traveling the back streets of central Chapala. A major street repair project for a three-block segment of Calle Zaragoza under way this week will spawn detours and anticipated traffic jams in the vicinity.

pg18bInitially the work will involve ripping up the cobblestone surface to replace the decades-old water and sewage mains with new piping. Once installations are complete, the street will be resurfaced with stones set in concrete, new sidewalks constructed and building exteriors repainted.

The substitution of water and drainage lines will be paid for by Jalisco’s Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Works (SIOP) which will cover the budgeted cost of just over one-million pesos.

This is one component of the state’s 40-million-peso regional package for similar projects in ten municipalities, selected on the basis of public voting held last March under the title Vamos Juntos (Let’s Go Together).

The municipal government will pick up the tab for the rest of the work.

To reduce inconveniences, the project will be executed block by block, running from the intersection of Flavio Romero de Velasco to Morelos. The projected completion date is October 29.

Another infrastructure project encompassed in the state program was launched in the Atotoniquillo to reduce recurrent flooding problems there.

A project to renovate the length of Chapala’s Calle Morelos will begin in the near future.

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