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Ajijic registers for Pueblo Mágico bid

Ajijic has thrown its hat into the ring for Pueblo Mágico status.

pg3aOn November 17, Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) opened the convocation for the 2018 “Magic Town” program. By November 20, Chapala Tourism Director Habath Angel Orozco had already uploaded preliminary documentation on the federal agency’s registration platform.

Later in the week, Chapala Mayor Javier Degollado gained the approval of the Jalisco legislature required to secure state funding for the bid.

Additional material, including a three-year tourism development plan, will be submitted according to established guidelines and timetables.

The Pueblo Mágico designation was launched in 2001 to promote towns that offer visitors a “magical” experience – by way of their natural beauty, cultural riches or historical relevance.

Sectur defines these towns as places that “through time and into the modern day has conserved, valued and defended its historic, cultural and natural legacy, as manifested in diverse expressions through its tangible and intangible patrimony.”

So will Ajijic pass muster? There is a lot to consider.

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