Last updateMon, 21 Jan 2019 12pm

Early contenders stake claim for Chapala mayor’s post

The names of potential candidates for the Chapala mayor’s seat are starting to surface.  Juan Diego Castro Morales stands out as the first man in local history positioned to contend as an independent candidate.  The Jalisco Electoral Institute (IEPC) approved his preliminary registration in late November. The next step to get his name on the ballot involves collecting 361 signatures – equivalent to one percent of the municipality’s roster of registered voters.


Castro is a 20-year resident of San Antonio Tlayacapan. He holds a university degree in marketing and has exercised his profession as a lakeside media publisher and political consultant.


Moises (Moy) Anaya Anaya has also revealed his intention to be the mayoral candidate for the Citizens Movement (MC).   He previously served as the Chapala government’s Síndico (chief legal officer) during the 2010-2012 administration, and was appointed acting mayor during a three-month period of that term. Anaya is currently an MC representative on the city council after losing the 2015 mayoral race to Javier Degollado by a 748-vote margin.

Under the 2014 reform of Jalisco electoral laws, Degollado is the first mayor eligible to run for a second consecutive term of office. His first hurdle, however, will be to obtain the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidacy over other party rivals.

It is rumored that his brother Gerardo is a strong contender for the left-of-center National Renovation Movement (Morena) candidacy.

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