Last updateMon, 21 Jan 2019 12pm

Prepa Chapala to launch study program in police work

Chapala’s Preparatoria Regional will be the first high school level institution in the University of Guadalajara (UDG) system to offer a technical study program in public security.

The new addition to the school’s curriculum will be launched during the second semester of 2018, starting in mid-July. The course of study is aimed at preparing young students interested in pursuing professional careers in the field of public security and active police  officers wishing to improve their knowledge and abilities to qualify for higher salaries.


The syllabus comprises units on police techniques, public security operations, investigation methods, civil protection, and citizen development in security matters.  Instruction will  include topics such as criminology, biology, decoding information, human rights, and legal interpretation and argument related to Mexico’s new system of criminal justice.

The long-term goal is to replicate the Chapala program in at least one campus within each  of the 12 regions incorporated in the UDG preparatoria network.

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