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Federal court rules for homeowners in prolonged El Dorado dispute

A federal court ruling released for public knowledge late last month is being declared a victory by a group of homeowners in the El Dorado condominium.

pg3aThe decision favoring the dissident homeowners who filed an Amparo injunction suit marks a turning point in a seven-year legal battle concerning the administration of the condominium,  though not necessarily the end of the war they have been waging against the developer and the company set up to manage common areas in the deluxe residential complex.

The El Dorado complex encompasses two separate condominium entities: Condo Unit One compromised of independent villa homes and Condo Unit Two corresponding to the tower apartments. Property owners in each unit are presumably represented by their respective administrators who sit on the Compound Condominium board responsible for administering common areas.

According to Santiago Kelley, legal counsel for Unit One, villa owners hold title to 67 percent of the common areas on grounds which include streets, green areas, the club house, swimming pool, gym and spa.

Laying out the legal dispute in a nutshell, it originated with a civil suit was lodged by around 20 of the 60 of the Unit One homeowners with the aim of gaining the rescission of decisions made in the ordinary and extraordinary assemblies of the Compound Condominium held in 2011.


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