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Who’s who in Chapala mayor’s race

Barreling down the final stretch on the 2018 campaign trail, candidates for Chapala’s mayor seat are drumming up support with final campaign activities ending Wednesday, June 27.

As voters contemplate the choices before going to the polls on July 1, the Guadalajara Reporter offers readers thumbnail profiles of the seven contenders, listed in alphabetical order.



Alejandro de Jesús Aguirre Curiel, Partido Acción Nacional

Age 46, married and the father of a young daughter and infant son. An accountant by profession, Aguirre served as mayor from 2001 to 2003 and until recently acted as treasurer for PAN Jalisco. He is running on the record of his administration, including the purchase of the Hotel Nido, converted into local government headquarters, and establishment of the Chapala’s Technological Institute and the Conalep vocational high school.



Moisés Alejandro Anaya Aguilar, Movimiento Ciudadano

Age 32, married and father of a five-year-old son, new baby on the way. He holds a law degree and a Masters in political science from the University of Guadalajara, and post-graduate diplomas in public administration. He served as the local government’s chief legal counsel and interim mayor during the 2010-2012 administration, and as city councilman in the current term. His platform stresses eradication of government corruption, sound and transparent financial management and citizen participation.



Juan Diego Castro Morales, Independent

Age 38, marital status single. Holds a degree in marketing, working in the field of public relations. While he has no prior experience in public service, he is campaigning on a platform of transparency, professionalism and zero tolerance of corruption in government administration. Other key issues include health care, prevention of substance abuse, education, public security, mobility, infrastructure improvements, environmental protection and citizen participation in governance.



Gerardo Degollado González, Morena

Age 55, married to Martha Zepeda Magallón, father of three sons, ages 17 to 23. Business entrepreneur turned politician, he was elected as Chapala mayor for the 2007-2009 term, and won a city council seat in the 2012-2015 administration, briefly leaving the post for a job with the Guadalajara city government. He is campaigning in sync with the populist platform of Morena presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador.



Javier Degollado González,Partido Revolucionario Institucional

Age 54, married, father of a teenage daughter. He earned a degree in Public Administration from the University of Guadalajara (UdG) and served in various government posts in Puerto Vallarta, Chapala and the state capital prior to his 2015 election as Chapala mayor. He is running for reelection, citing accomplishments of his administration in boosting tourism, public works and a deal to bring a UdG campus to Chapala.



Andrea Garcia Mariscal, Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico

Age 31, Ajijic native, married and mother of four children ages 8 to 17. A secondary school graduate, she has no previous experience in politics or government, but stands on a record of community activism in cultural and educational activities for local youngsters. Her campaign focuses on issues such as reforestation, recycling and other pro-environment actions and increasing job opportunities for students, single mothers and senior citizens.



Esperanza Mejia Carvajal, Partido Nueva Alianza

Age 46, married and a native of San Juan Cosalá who has resided in Chapala for 15 years. Holding university degrees in biology, physical education and theology, she is employed as a teacher at Chapala’s Secundaria Foránea José Vasconcelos. Her campaign platform stresses strong government support for educational institutions, public health services and improving water and sewage infrastructure in marginalized sectors of the municipality.

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